Good or evil.

We can blame God for what is wrong in the world but it is not God who made it wrong it is people.  Every one of us were given a choice to choose eaither good or evil, we are all capable of both.

Some people are power mad and those who can not have power in any big way will use helpless people to hurt, children, animals, to destroy to make themselves feel more powerful, they are often people who are inadequate in some way themselves.

Wartime brings out the worse in all people and things happen that would not normolly happen and the  second world war was a time when Adolf hitler promised the German people a better world where they would be a mighty country under his power and he succeeded to a point.

He carried this to the point of destroying the Jewish people by the millions because the more power he got the more he wanted, he wanted his people to be blonde and blue eyed and dark skinned dark haired people wether Jewish or not were often taken and put to death, mere association with a Jew could mean being sent to death camps. He was power mad, like all greedy people he was never satisfied.  People did all this in the name of this man, not God, he will only judge us for what we do in the end.


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