Taking it easy.

I don’t know about anybody else but i have visited so many blogs now that try as i do i can not frequent them all how ever hard i try. There are so many excellent blogs on wordpress that i would very much like to keep up with them all.  Also i try to reply to any one who comments and visit the site of those who leave me a- like.

I joined blogging 101 for a second time, i joined first when i first came here in July last year but for some reason i did not receive a lot of the posts in my email but this time i did only i had already done those things asked of us, over again, so i was not that committed to the cause.  I have got my blog set up now to the way i like it pretty much.

At the moment i am resting up a little because i was writing three and four posts each day and involved in the awards which mean’t more work i am award free now and things are a little easier.


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