What an evil bitch.

For years i have had anonymous phone calls since i got divorced many moons ago and went to live with my kids alone, my kids are now grown up and i remarriad but we still get them, maybe they are not coming from the same person but who ever it is does not want to speak to us. As soon as we pick the phone up its cut of. It is always the caller witheld there number.

I always thought one day i am going to find out who this coward is, coward because its only cowards do this kind of thing, if you have a problem with some one you face them with it, any decent person knows that is the thing to do.

I have a lot of trust in god and i had prayed before about this, but yesterday i prayed that some thing would come to light to reveil who this person might be, i had not done that before.

Hubby and i went out to dinner today, i had thought no more about the calls or the prayer i had made yesterday.  We enjoyed a lovely meal then as we were leaving a woman came in i knew from many years ago, when we, myself and previous hubby had a small holding.

I had bought a pony from this woman, the pony was bomb proof but he was nippy and kicked out a lot, probably been teased,  and my kids were very small so i sold him on. This woman had been to vist me a few times uninvited and took photos of the pony on my paddock after i had bought him from her and i was not best pleased.

Years later we met again and she attacked me over getting rid of it as though she still owned it and had put it about that she did, i found.  What is more i found this woman was visited by my x husband during my marriage to him and well after our divorce.

I had seen this woman near my door where i live now fairly recently which is miles from where she is from.

Suddenly like a flash of lightning i realized who the caller was, who else as time to waste making stupid waste of time calls, nobody else i know.  Who else is so vindictive as to do this for years, nobody i know, only her.

In the resturant she smirked at me i can’t say it was a smile certainly not a friendly one any way. It became fairly clear who the anonymous caller was or certainly it had some thing to do with her.

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