It was bittterly cold this morning when i went out and on my way i popped into the chemist to get some cough mixture.  The place was empty no sign of life atall except for a girl behind the counter who did not even bother to look up when i entered, she was busy painting her nails the brightest red you ever saw, yuk!.

I cleared my throut errr “Do you have cough mixture,”: better not say the name, it would be advertizing. Without looking up she said, “no,” so i walked along and looked up along the shelf.

“There it is,i said.  She slammed down the bottle of nail polish on the counter after grabbing some steps and climbing where i told her, then she got back down and slammed the cough mixture on the counter demanding the money, i smilled and said thank you and she glared at me.  I wonder what charm School she went to, think i will go else where next time.

blogging 101


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