Some people are a lot like sheep they follow each other without much thought behind why they are doing some thing.  His or her mate did it, so i did, they might say.  We are influenced by some one else, this is where a problem starts when we do not follow like sheep and we decide to follow our own beliefs and we don’t agree with following the majority, or we may try to follow but it doesn’t work because we know better.

“They must be right, because there are so many follow that road”  some will say, but we know that is crap because we know they are followers, the sort who can not be bothered to think for themselves, my friend, his friend, her friend, a friend of a friend, said it was good, it must be.

Some one is called fabulous, incredable, amazing, on stage,. by those words alone we have been influenced. Then out there more BS because artists of every kind have promoters to tell us all how fantastic and amazing an artist is, thats followed by how many people follow that belief and who as a mind of there own.  A bit like a child who is built up to a great degree by parants who believe there kid is so amazing it can do anything and the kid begins to believe it wether its true or not.

Any one who as been on stage  will be introduced by some one they have never even met as the- amazing, incredable, soandso. that is influencing the audiance into instantly believing this as got to be good.

blogging 101


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