Hurting game.

It is true that we always hurt the people we love the one’s we should not hurt atall, we always take the most beautiful rose and crush it until the petals fall.  We always break the kindest heart with a hasty word we can not recall.

Why is it that we do that? I suppose because if we want to hurt some one the one we love or who loves us is the easiest one to hurt, we can do it, we know it will work, we want to hurt so we hurt the one we can.  If we want to be mean what’s the point of trying to hurt some one who does not care.

And why is it that if some one takes a flower and shreds it, more often than not they take the most beautiful flower they can find to destroy, nobody really knows why.  Why do some people find it easy to hate good things and good people and always try to make them out to be bad ?  Bad hates good but the good do not hate the bad.

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