Pay a friend.


Would i pay for a friend, NO.


pay a friend. mindandlife matters.

But yes i can see the advantage.  If you are some one who wants to meet some one just for an acashion and then its Thanks and Goodbye, No Strings, Nothing expected of you, a Cold Blooded use of some one who can expect nothing from you because you don’t want to give anything.

You want to go some where special and you don’t have some one suitable to escort you on this very special acashion that demands you have some one to escort you not even on your long list of friends.

You want to choose some one special if your paying,  and you can not go to this function alone and you do not want any furthur involvement, it is all just to look right, and your escort can pull it of with grace.

So who would be useing who i wonder the friend you had paid to go out with you who may only be interested in the money.  0r you who wanted a pick up and drop escort. I think it might be mutual, what do you think?

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