A Shirley Valantine.


I am going through a bored stage and i feel it would be easier to jump on a plane out of here to some where sunny alone than sticking this existance of sameness every day and every week.

I want to go places and i want to go with my partner but he does not want to go any where or do anything, he tells me to go if i want to, “well we have been together for twenty five years,”  It makes it even more tempting when he tell me to go if i like.

But i won’t give him the chance to make me look bad, which i would i think if i just left him here on his own and went. Any way i don’t want to go alone even though the temptation to up sticks at times gets strong and i swear one of these days i will just book a plane any place warm and go and take pot luck, out through that door, i might surprise myself but i think it could be good to become another Shirley Valantine.

blogging 101


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