Escaping the deludge.




Time to leave my home.




The rain fell it was now two months and we had only one dry day.  0pening the curtains in the morning was some thing i had grown to dread.  I was trapped in my little home all alone and did not get on well with my neighbours who kept a pub, and had partys all night that kept me awake,  every weekend, summer and winter was the same, some times it was doubtful as to what went on there when rough tarty looking drunken women left early morning with loud mouthed men who could barely stand up, and no i did not aproove.

I began making my plans, i had to, i was trapped by water surrounding my little cottage it was seeping in the door and i now had no electricity or clean water. My poor little dog could not go out, i had a small conservatory i put paper down for her in there to use as a toilot area among my muddy boots and many soaking wet jackets.

It was hard to stand up outside it was so muddy under the water which was now about a foot deep. Some times i sat and cried then shuck myself and reminded myself that i had been through this before, only not so bad, and that this time i had a dingy tied up by the door and some oars,i was going to get myself out of this, if i waited for the army to come i might wait days they were so busy.

I just had to get to higher ground and i was safe, my car was parked on a fairly dry roadside on high ground and i had dry clothes there to put on, i swept out the water for the last time for this day. I grabbed any money and important papers pushed them in a bag and picked up my little dog. I opened the back door, water came in but made it easier to drop the dingy from the rope holding it, it dropped down in the water.  I dropped my frightened little dog into the dingy as gentle as i could and climbed in, as i did i prayed, “please god keep us safe,” with that came another deludge of rain and the dingy filled full of water but  it continued to float and i made it to the bank.

I used the oar to support myself as i stood on the bank and pulled the dingy close to reach for my little dog who jumped into my arms soaking wet but wagging her little tail and kissing me all over.  Getting up the bank was tough it was soo muddy but we made it after a few stumbles onto the road where my car was safe on dry land.  I opened the car door and sat my dog on the passenger seat, i burst into tears i was so cold and wet, i dragged my dry clothes from the back seat and struggled to get of my wet clothes and replace them but the wet clothes soaked the dry one,s, so it was not much of an improvement, my wellys were full of water.

I could not go to a hotel in this state so i made for the Church hall there kindness was unbelivable they welcomed me and gave me hot soup which was more than welcome, they gave me a bed to lay on, they showed me unbelivable kindness and support.  Next day i would go home try to save some more stuff if possible and throw out the wet stuff from my beautiful little cottage i had loved so much, was this the end of the life i had loved.  We were alive and safe thanks be to god alone.










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