The rich life.

S0 many people work hard in one way or another to get rich and put money away until it mounts up and they can boast there wealth, some times doing without things to get there.  Some twisting and turning all ways to fiddle it out of others and not spend there own money. Counting every penny even when they have no need to, claiming they are poor when they are not.

Then you have others who spend money they don’t have and get up to there eyes in debt owing money to some body else, buying things they could do well without, things they dont need.  Eaither way it is a mean and greedy way to live.

Then the worse of all are the very wealthy who flash there gold and there precious stones about who have millions and flaunt it whilst thousand’s starve in the world.  And most of these people are unhappy and however much they have it will never make them happy.


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