The games people play.

Who ever we hear about who we might envy or we would like to have been like we will usually find as had much tragedy or sadness in there life and the truth is they are not altogether what they appear to be to the world.

I remember a chap who raved about a star of his day telling me he got to go back stage and see her once and how disapointed he was, she was not beautiful atall as he thought she was from a distance,close up she was far from it he said, his dream was shattered and he was never to see things the same again.

Life plays its tricks, men who wear topees, women giving the impression of having long flowing hair but wearing a wig, a face that changes under heavy make up and false eye lashes.  People who we find when we are alone with them have bad manners and are not the gentlemen or lady we thought they were.  People who pretend to be nice when they are not, men trying to look tough when they are a pussy cat and  men appearing gentle  men becoming depraved violent monstors.


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