Plodding on.

Despite the difficulty I am now having like never before’ I do not want to stop blogging. I love the many interesting people I have met since joining wordpress last july and I would miss all of you and right now I need you all there for me. I will continue as things are until I am fit to spend the time finding out what is the cause of the problem here and can sort it out.



I guess the struggle with getting my blog back after trying to improve my books site with some colour and it  messing up this site in the process for some weird reason, and nothing working right, was too much to be bothered with, when i found i had a heart condition that i suspected i had for some time.  The condition is being treated but wether it will work or not only time will tell, or it will mean surgury probably and i find that daunting.  I may continue with my blog as it is until i am really on the mend it was a lot of work to get it how i wanted it and i dont know if i can ever get it the same again.

No noooo. poem.

0h noooooooooooo


You bought your own car but-



You are over weight,no nooooooo


Enjoy sugar in your tea etc. no nooooooo


You like  Chocalate  no nooooooooo


You enjoy a drink no nooooooo


You enjoy sports. no noooooooo


Let down.



Disapointing i found the perfect theme i felt for my booksandmorebookssite, i activated it, but it didn’t happen, then i found myself back on my wannatalkavenscent site having lost my header picture and couldn’t get it back, i did the right things but it didn’t work.  And yes i did put in for the changes to be on my book site not on this site.  Nothing was working right for some reason.

Before i die.



Before i die i would like to put all the wrongs in my life right but of course that can only be if the other party agree’s and meets me part way.

I am a forgiving person, i even forgive people who do not want the truth and have condemned me without cause. People who blame me for things that were not my fault when i feel they should be the source of comfort to me and not punishing me.

But i realize that i am not going to be able to change the nature of things so i find comfort in the fact that my conscionce is clear and that they have many long years to regret how they treated me.

And with treating people badly they can expect no joy in there life for long until they change there attitude towards others and treat them right.  Treat people like shit and expect it to come back to you.  Treat people right and that too will come back to you.

Thank you.



I do not get a huge amount of comments like some blogs, maybe because i am not linked to any where like twitter, facebook and any where else, and some comments do not seem to show up on my blog anyway, so imagin my surprise when in my spam i found a really lovely comment from some one telling me they had enjoyed one of my posts so much they came in to look in my blog and found it amazing, infact i think there words were more flattering than that.

I expected to find some catch or other but there wasn’t. It is so nice to be appreciated and to see that some people understand what i am saying and find my blog enjoyable. Just one or two appreciative people is worth more than a hundred by passers.





I have linked this to where i found it i thought it was such a good idea to remind ourself off and on what we have to be grateful for, dispite the things we find troublesome in our lives.



Here are ten things i am glad for……….

  1. I am glad that i have a partner i love and loves me.
  2. I am glad for my faith and trust in god.
  3. I am thankful for the trees and flowers and natures beauty.
  4. I am thankful for the food i eat.
  5. I am glad for every day.
  6. I appreciate the little pleasures in life.
  7. I am glad that i am reasonably fit.
  8. I am glad for tecnical things and that i have lived to enjoy them.
  9. I am glad to have lived to see this new world.
  10. I am glad for the books i read.





Good or evil.

We can blame God for what is wrong in the world but it is not God who made it wrong it is people.  Every one of us were given a choice to choose eaither good or evil, we are all capable of both.

Some people are power mad and those who can not have power in any big way will use helpless people to hurt, children, animals, to destroy to make themselves feel more powerful, they are often people who are inadequate in some way themselves.

Wartime brings out the worse in all people and things happen that would not normolly happen and the  second world war was a time when Adolf hitler promised the German people a better world where they would be a mighty country under his power and he succeeded to a point.

He carried this to the point of destroying the Jewish people by the millions because the more power he got the more he wanted, he wanted his people to be blonde and blue eyed and dark skinned dark haired people wether Jewish or not were often taken and put to death, mere association with a Jew could mean being sent to death camps. He was power mad, like all greedy people he was never satisfied.  People did all this in the name of this man, not God, he will only judge us for what we do in the end.

How to pray.

My books site.


Pray-  “what for? nobody hears me, there is nobody there,” This is what we often hear people say.

Prayers do get answered but they are answered because some one as not been half hearted about there prayer to god and because they have gone to god with the truth, they have been honist and open and asked for forgiveness of any wrong they themselves have done holding nothing back.

God is not there to answer a prayer that might say, “God let me win the lottery this week”.  God is not there to dish out prizes, and he will not listen to lies or BS, and he will not listen to what you want for your own selfish reasons, your prayer must come from the heart, and end with- may your will be done.

Don’t expect that you can call on God any time and he will swing his doors open to you right away, why should he,would it not be like knocking on the door of a strangers home  and expecting to be invited in and told to make yourself at home, God is no different, it is a relationship we build with god just as we would any one else.