Its over.

That’s it for me Christmas is pretty much over it as been like a grave yard here as though the place as been evacuated, so unpleasant, so quiet, as is   always every year.  0nce country life was for me but when i got older i wanted to live where there was a shop not far away and some life.  Generally we hear traffic every day outside and people walk up and down the road, over the Christmas it as been so awful silent. I have grown to like hearing the traffic outside and can’t stand the silence and would not want to live in the middle of nowhere again as i once did.

To me the kind of Christmas most of us have is such a farce the meaning completely lost, hanging up i had cards from people i have not even seen to speak to and i know the rest of the season will be that i don’t see them or know them any better than before, nobody will knock my door and say, “I just popped round to see how you are,” not one single person among them, they will pass my door every day but never bother.  I will be relieved when it is over infact since i took down the cards this morning i feel very much better for having done that.


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