Pure water.

Vibrant encouraged me to speak out about my life. I know that if i wrote an autobiography it would be a good story but i don’t think i could put together all that as happened in my life. It is like chapters and i have thought if i did write it i would write it like that, in parts, my mind drifts back and forth,  and i remind myself that it is now the past.  Many of those that harmed me are dead and others i just see as ignorant and naive in there thinking.

I certainly don’t want any pity and i don’t write anything about my past life with much feeling of grief or sadness, its a bit like it all happened to some one else because my life is so different now.  I do have proof of things i have spoken of having happened to me just for those who think i am a deluded soul.

I am not sorry for myself infact i am in some ways glad it all happened because it as made me a better more careing and understanding person of others, a stronger person, and helped me to rise above this mad material world.

But some times i think it might help others who have suffered from massive amounts of rejection from the people who should care but instead have abused that right .  If i wrote my story it would be for them so they would know they are not alone that i have suffered and god as seen me through.


I knew there was some thing different

about me

as a child when i had

the belief that pure water was

a cure for many things.


People only believe what they choose to and misinterprete things to suit themselves.  Some one will say that it was drugs, the sleeping pills i took that made me have the spiritual experiences i had but that was long before any spiritual experiences i had.  I have given a very brief account of my life with things bunched up as though it was instant stuff but it was far from it, much as happened in between and after.


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