Do they know what Christmas means.

Well i have got most every thing i need for Christmas, trouble is if there are chocalates, biscuits, cakes, trifles, ice cream, or anything i like in the house its not safe for long before it is rooted back out and scoffed and i could easily end up with non for Christmas, but who cares.  Its not so much that i am weak or greedy but that i am bored i hate this time of year when for many of us every place we visit normolly is closed, where if any one needs help or advise there is nobody available to help or to ask. When you just want to get on with things they are held up by the so called good time some have that goes on long before and after the Christmas celebrations.

It is 0k if you are busy visiting family and distant friends but if you don’t have any its hard, we are led to believe it is one huge good time for one and all, one joyous playground of sparkle, one big party, it isnt atall.  We are not all party people and have nobody to party with any way.

Little children are awaiting parants to visit in homes on Christmas day and nobody turns up because mum and dad are drunk and couldn’t care less about breaking there kids heart.  0ld people sit in windows waiting for a visit on Christmas day but every one is too busy and don’t always bother to go to see them, they are forgotten.  Pets are forgotten some don’t get fed or get fed lots of rubbish stuff that makes them sick, or they get dumped on the street, just shut out some where or just forgot about. Some people have no home and spend most of Christmas on the street sleeping in doorways or slightly better a hostel.

Where does Christ come into the lives of the people, it does not, most never think of what this Christmas festival is supposed to be about, this good time they are having, this celebration of friends and family and good food and drink.  When do they stop to concider the needy or invite any one to share a Christmas meal who might have lost there partner recently very few unless they have a caring family to think of them.  Every one indulges themselves without a thought in there head about what it is supposed to be about and many have never heard of jesus Christ in this so called Christian country that was, shameful.


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