Heart warming story.

Normally i get fed up of adverts on tv specially as they go on so long now but there is one i think is heart warming………….

A young man is sliding on an icy path outside terrace type houses, an elderly person opens the door of one of the houses with a shopping bag in hand and see’s how slippy it is outside and closes the door again, it is too icy for them to go out shopping.

The young man cheerfully goes into the store and picks up a bag of ice cubes with a smile, he then stops to think and puts them back down again and picks up a store bag and fills it with tins of food, he goes back to the house the elderly person lives and left the bag outside the door and walks away with a smile.

The elderly person still holding a shopping bag with intention of going out if possible, opens the door again and sees the bag of shopping,he can not believe how lovely this is.

If only more people stopped to think the way that he did, i am not sure who was the happiest the giver or the receiver they both were very happy people that Christmas.


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