Not another breed.

People tend to treat there elderly parants infact elderly people full stop as fragile wether they are or not.  A loving son or daughter will treat there parants like a mother treats her baby, things reverse, this is lovely, or is it?

No it is not so good, the elderly person will sit back and begin to think they can’t do anything and begin to wait upon the younger one to do it for them, then the younger one’s get fed up and the older person by that time as become reliant on them and no longer feels they can do for themselves things they were perfectly capable of doing.

Gradually this lack of ability to do anything for themselves because some well meaning  person as done every thing for them develops into a total inability to live a normol life and  the family are tired of it all so the elderly person ends up in a home long before they ever needed to.

0f course elderly people become slower, they age, they change physically and mentally everybody does over the years but it does not mean they  are so stupid you have to talk to them in a pathetic manner or as though they are not there, or that all old people smell of piss, they maybe old but they maybe no closer to the grave than you might be. 0ld people just want to be treated like people not like another breed you watch out for to see when its time to look for a place away from the world to dump them.


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