The rebel in me.

I have been writing short stories for years starting in School and i admit to not being very good at punchuation and being only really concerned that people can understand me, i am impatiant when it comes to punchuation.  Also i slip up on spelling some times, sheer lazyness. Always a bit of a rebel.

Some of my best stories never reached publication one i paid to have proof read got deleted by accident, the story still hangs there in my head ready to be written again some time, maybe never.

0ne story i made quite long was about a sixteen year old girl kicked out of a childrens home with a few pound in her pocket and no place to go. She meets some one in a cafe and gets roped into an amazing project that leads to a great story.

0ne favourite i did publish as an e book on amazon was A teashop, it was to be The teashop but i thought there was nothing original about that.  It is a delightful story of a girls passion to own a teashop, her dream.  She gets to rent a teashop owned by a charming elderly lady, she becomes a close friend to. She is very ambitious about making the teashop the way she wants it but the elderly woman’s son begins to interfere and uses his charms on her to get his way with her, she falls in love with him. He is marriad to a beautiful woman, and he is a womaniser, a hansom man. She really just wants to concentrate on her ambition for the teashop, her bussiness and her future but this man as influence and the teashop will be passed onto him by his mother.  When his wife commits suicide she blames herself thinking in her naivity that its over her involvment with him, only to find he had strings of women he played around with.

I write mostly short stories because there are others like me who once they put a book down they lose track of the story and lose interest.  0thers struggle with reading long storys having difficulty with reading, so i feel keeping a story short but interesting  helps.





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