Its nearly here.


Its all fun and laughter as Christmas approaches, well it should be, but its a sad time for many and a lonly time.  For those of us with only the tele for company and are not much of a party goer we will be reminded over again in between long winded never ending adverts, that there are people starving in Africa, and cruelty to animals, and children. etc. All of  the things that can be upsetting to those of us who care and are forced to watch, or nothing else.  I always think that if there were more people praying for these people instead of begging for money that nobody ever knows will reach the needy the world would be a better place and we could all have a much better Christmas, where we won’t have to be shedding tears over the suffering in the world but we will have handed the problem to god who i believe will get round to doing some thing far better than taking money from people that often can ill offord it.




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