Loved or hated.

Have you ever wondered how many  of those who call themselves Christian would deny Christ if he came back today.  Many have an image in there mind of Christ being some sort of perfect human being, where infact he was probably very ordenery in appearance but so spiritually strong it reflecked on every thing he did making him different.

He was capable of anger and all the human traits, he would be loved or hated by people just as the rest of us are.  0ne sure way of knowing you are a success at some thing is when some one hates you and he had got the power of his day wound up and fearful of him and the power he had, so they wanted to destroy him.  0thers loved him, like Mary Magdallin not concidered a reputable woman but she truly loved and cared for this man Jesus and was there at the end beside his mother at the cross.

Christ spoke of faith here in the- seed sower,below, its often we here somebody say i used to have faith but not anymore. It as been shaken by some thing in there life, and that is because it was not strong enough in the first place it was like the seeds Christ speaks of, it never came to anything the word fell on stony ground.

Mark Ch. 4.

verse 3.

There went out a sower to sow seeds.

verse 4.

Some fell to the grown  and fowls of the earth devoured it .

verse 5.

Some fell on stony ground not much soil.

verse 6.

The sun came out and it was scorched  it withered and died.

verse 7.

Some fell among thorns and choked and yielded nothing.

verse 8.

0thers fell on good ground and yielded much fruit.


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