My choice.

I got dragged along to funerals as a kid so i know how two faced people can be, i was dragged along by my step mother to her family funerals, and there were a few.  There was always lots of people there, but you could count on one hand the one’s who had cared about the person being buried.  Though only a child i could toddle along and hear the talk, it was not thought that i knew anything because i was just a kid, thats how i know that all the,- “What a lovely man he was”, was two faced bull, when only last week it was a different story.

So i don’t want anybody who is not there for me now to come to my cremation, yes cremation, i don’t want my bones lieing in the ground for some one to dig up in another 100 years time thanks.  0r some evil witch dancing on my grave or stealing from it, like happens now even to innocent little childrens graves. I don’t care if there is only two people at my  funeral as long as they are genuine.

blogging 101 : alumni


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