Happy new year.


Soon it will be the start of a new year for us all full of hope and promise of better things to come.  Hopefully anything than continues from last year will improve and get better and any fresh start will go of with a bang and lead to improvements in our lives in every way.

Have a great new year to all my blogger friends.   Cin! chin!          redwine..




I dont think i finished setting up my  http://booksandmorebookssite.wordpress.com site completely and did not think any one had ventured in there, so it was such a nice surprise to find that 9 people had, just recently.  I had thought about it a few times because i have more recent books i read to mention in there, but never got around to it, so there is some thing else i  look forward to doing in the New Year.

An amazing writer.


Catherine Cookson was born in Ireland the year 1900, five years later her parants moved to Newcastle england.  Catharine rose from terrible poverty to become what was known as the greatest novelist of her time.  She wrote amazing very involved stories of life in the far north of england.  The wealth that she made she plouged back in to the community she came from.  Catherine had a disturbing relationship with her mother.  She wrote 97 novels all of which rapidly sold and were a huge success. She died in 1998.


It is unbelievable cold this morning concidering there is no snow or ice just water every where.  Taking my dog for a walk there were branches down on the ground from the trees, every where, and heavy layers of leaves and mud making the ground soo slippy, worse than if it was icy, cars slipping every where unable to get a grip on the road.

Pools of water every where. The best buy this year was my wellington boots i have needed them every bit this winter, i have worn them every day to take the dog out.

The amazing thing is it is mild even quite warm at times for December but not this morning, now a gale is blowing but at least it will dry up some of the water before another deludge.  Happy New Year.

New, liebster award.

new liebster award.



Thanking you Vikram Bishla for this beautiful award you nominated me for today.

Now to answer the questions put to us by Vikram.


Most memorable moment………….. For me was when i gave birth to my children.

My biggest regret………………………. Was marrying there father.

No one knows………………………….. I am an ordained minister

Why i blog………………………………….I enjoy it and feel it is therapy too.

My role model………………………………Is mother Teresa.

My favourite subject………………………Is Art.

My free time is spent…………………….. Reading, writing or doing some sport.

Five things learned in 2015 ……………….Patiance –To look outwards instead of inwards– That all that happens, happens for the best even if we can not see that– That there is always a way to deal with any situation–We never stop learning.


Nominees i have chosen are all excellent bloggers kind and helpful to other bloggers and deserving of this award.

dawnmarie 823

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maddy 1953


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french 1955

21 time traveller


that scribbler.




Signed up.

I don’t just love my header but i now love my blog it feels like home and i don’t want to change it.  I have signed up for 101 course January 4. 2016, i enjoy meeting new people and maybe when i did the course last time i missed some thing i can pick up on this time.  0r i can help somebody starting out to set there blog up the way they want it.  I will be all ears but may not participate in changing too much on my own blog it took a long time to get here and i want to stay with the set up i have got.

Quotes i like.

               Some quotes i like.


  1. A good man loves all living things.


2. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.


3. Face an opponent with love.


4. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.


5. Non violence is a weapon of the strong.


6. First they will laugh at you, then ignore you, then fight you, and you win.


The flooded North of England.


The North of England is flooded, people struggle to keep there possessions and fight to keep parts of there homes dry, most are under water.  The army in Cumbria rescue the elderly from there homes by dingy taking them to a Church centre where they will stay until its possible to salvage what is left of there homes.  More rain is on the way, fields are flooded to several feet of water, many tears too are flowing, it is a sad time for these people who need your prayers.  May god be with them.