The forgotten at Christmas.


Any one who came into my old blog will have seen this picture i painted above before, so here it is again.

Soon we will be celebrating Christmas each of us in our own way.  For some it will be a quiet time for others a busy and exciting time, and for some a very lonly time.

Many old people will see nobody atall over Christmas which is so cruel.  Some people who have no home atall will sleep on the streets.  0thers with little money will struggle to supply the sort of gifts there children want.  Some will have so little money they can not offord a Christmas dinner.  0thers have lost some one dear to them and will feel it much more than usual so it is not a good time for everybody.

Little children in homes will be missing family more than usual if they see nobody over Christmas and spend much of Christmas feeling sad.

Pets will be forgotten over this period by some people or given away.  There is much sadness and pain at Christmas as well as joy.  lets think of these people and pets.  Pray for a little light to come into there lives over what may seem a long lonly period of time for them.



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