The neat blog award.


How exciting Vibrant as blessed me  with another wonderful award and i will follow this up later.  Thank you so much Anand.

There are so many amazing and exciting blogs on wordpress there can be no other blog site like it.  Rewards are well deserved by those who receive them for there hard work going towards encouraging them to continue.  This site is out on it own the best blog site ever.

  1. Do i have any bad habits.  answer.  0nce i liked strong drink but when it started to get out of hand i cut it down each day until i stopped drinking altogether.

2. If starting a new talent what would it be. answer…..  I would not start a new one i would go back to proffessional singing.

3. Where would i like to travel to. answer……..  India and China.

4. What would i change in my life.  answer…….. The fourteen years of marriad  hell life i had, waste of a life.

5. Who do i follow.  answer…….. I follow the life of Christ and my life as changed for the better and i have changed for the better.

6. Things  that have helped me. answer….     Writing my blog….  Vibrant he is very supportive to every one….  My faith……  My art work…..  my dogs….. friends.


Nominees for. the real neat blog award are……….


Smiles here and smiles there.

Sunshine on my tea cup.

0n the road through.

Greenland Diary.

Afternoon tea 4 two.

Erika Kind.







blogging 101 : alumni



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