Day 25. post a day. Retirement.

I think god must have had a great sense of humour, he gave women most of the pain and men the toys to play with. LOL.

When it comes to retirement men retire and women once again continue working, at least they did, glad some thing changed for the best where women will get help in the home in the future.

“A woman’s work is never done” but infact i thank god for that because when a man retires he is like the most useless thing on earth unless he helps around the house and many don’t.

If he belongs to the older generation its not his thing helping in the house so he sits about looking bored because computors are not his thing and he can’t be bothered learning anything new, he as worked hard all his life and all that blah. blah .  He sits making those who enjoy the modern world feel guilty.  He does not want to do anything or go any where just watch you work.

But Never mind get him to do all the grocery shopping then you can enjoy buying things for yourself and the home.


blogging 101 : alumni


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