Unlucky day.

Some people have a lot of hate in there heart and have nothing good to say about anybody.  Also they enjoy seeing others hurt, they have jealous hearts and think everything should be there’s without doing anything to earn it.  Such people are a bad influence they see only the worse things and are negative and spread negativity.

0n friday the thirteenth supposed to be for those suspicious minded an unlucky day.  I am not suspicious minded and believe if some thing happens unpleasant on that day it is usually just a coincident that it is friday the thirteenth.

0n this day on friday Nov, 13 some one sent a call to my phone, caller witheld there number,  this went on until the third day, caller witheld there number, and my partner picked up the phone on this third day and it was put down on him, caller witheld there number. The calls repeated for five days which i assume meant some sort of rubbish to some body.  I believe god out does any kind of evil, and if they were not meant as evil calls why choose friday the 13th and why put the phone down when it was answered and withdraw the number.

Don’t think i am accusing any one here  far from it,it may not even be anybody on the internet atall.  But who and why, we know these days we don’t have to do anything much to upset some people so there we go.  It may not even be any one we know just some one who as our number playing evil games. Trying to spread negativity.

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