My grandson is a solo singer and guitarist and does a lot of gigs about town i am proud of him and i hate being deniged the right to be in touch with him.  My grandsons listen to poison about me to keep them away from me out of spite towards me.

It seems a common thing done today by a few to use the grandchildren to spite grandparants. I have heard it so many times said, “If you don’t do what i want you won’t see your grandchildren”  what a mean minded attitude.

Mine are older but they know the only way to keep the peace with there parants is to stay away from me. I miss them, and i have one way i do make a spot of contact with my one grandson  he as a  music website and now and again i go in and leave a short message just to let him know i am still in touch.  If i  get caught there are comebacks so its not often and its brief. I would not mind if they would tell me what i have done wrong but i guess they just don’t want me i have lost my usefullness.

blogging 101 : alumni





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