Day 21. post a day.

I can hardly believe that we are on day 21 already of November.  The last days have been tough but i am a little better today. I repeat this picture because to me it says such a lot.  Two dear little innocent babies all alone in the world after an earthquake in Nepal.  Two babies who are frightened souls  who could be cold and hungry and thirsty. What will happen to them will they be cared for as they should be or abused and taken advantage of because they are alone and so young, i ask myself these questions.  What of the children who wonder the streets in many countrys who nobody cares for who sleep beside railway lines and make there living from rubbish tips, who have little and nothing to eat and few clothes to wear.  With nobody to care for them or guide them. Many relying only on there wits to survive each day.  May god be with them always.



blogging 101 : alumni


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