Day 20 post a day.

Having a  tough time at the moment most of my life i have suffered  with rheumatic pain and have bouts of fever, sore throut and joint pain, once i was given antibiotics but the Docs where i live now ignore it and i don’t get any, i am told to take a pain killer as though its nothing much.huh!

The annoying thing is that not far away in another part of where i live Docs dish out antibiotics to all and sundry for any old thing, one chap i know as had three lots in a month for a cold, maybe it is not a great idea to dish them out like they are doing there, but i still think there are some people like me who need them on acashions and i can’t get any.

Any way regardless after a  good nights rest i managed a very slow walk with my dog so she could have a sniff about, she enjoys it, whatever happens she gets her walk i know how she looks forward to it and i love her to bits.

I write this so that you know why i have slowed down quite a bit, i have been writing two or three posts a day quite often. Hope to be back on track soon.

blogging 101 : alumni


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