Waging war with the world. DAY 15. Nov.

My post for. Day 15, November..

Waging war with the world.

I am still shocked about what happened in Paris, at first i could not even talk about it, i love Paris it is one of my favourite places. Before my daughter marriad we used to go there on the odd weekend, we visited most well known places and took rides on the river boat, happy days.  Now lots of innocent people are dead, i am so sorry for the parisian people who’s whole lives have been turned upside down.  We don’t really know how many people have been effected by it yet, if ever.

These evil doers are waging war upon the world, what they hope to achieve is behond any normol thinking persons understanding, they are warmongers.  They live and breath corruption of every kind.  Human life means nothing to them, the world they live in is different from the rest of us.

Many today in this age have pushed the bounderies that most of us older generation would never have done respect for others is much less today than it ever was.  It is a testing time for us all.

0nce if some one reached a certain level and it was the highest set no more was expected from them.  Today you reach that level and still more is expected  from you, you must keep running faster and jumping higher, trying to reach the impossible goal and this only brings heartace and pain to many because they can never achieve it.

Unbelivable dreams like living on the moon are great but surely we should be sorting out the many problems on earth first,. 0ther worlds, creatures from out of space, what about pouring everything into curing cancer and other disease here on earth first.

What about tackling the monstors and warmongers with every bit of the best we have got.  it is no use sitting on the fence and expecting such people to talk about things.  Some times we have no choice but to fight to save the people, or these people will continue to win by taking peoples lives.


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