Happy days.


My post for day 14.November.

After my marriage had broken up i became a recluse pretty much, my kids were grown up and left home and started there own lives.  I had finally met some one i liked who had his own bussiness and enough land for me to begin doing what i had always wanted to do, rescue dogs.  I had always been animal mad and before leaving School i had worked in a kennels at weekends and done my training.

I spent what money i had on having quality kennels built and it wasn’t long before i had fourteen young dogs that had been dumped for whatever reason.  Every one thought i was crazy, so did i at times, but i loved what i did, there were times i got very tired and desperately needed a holiday but there was nobody to take over the job i did and i needed to be there.

I loved those dogs and it was the place i went back to as fast as i could when there was a problem they gave me comfort nobody else did, i cried with them and laughed with them.

I would go in around the door and they would run to me and jump in my arms. I let them free on the land all day it was enclosed so they could not get out or any one get into them except me they all got along like a dream i could hand each one of them a bone each and they would take it and eat it while i watched without any scrapping taking place, one little Jack Russell i called Ellie would eat some of the bone then bring it to me and drop it at my feet as though to share with me.

I was happier than i had ever been in my life.



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