In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “RSVP.”

This was meant to be about some one close to me but i thought every one will pretty much write the same sort of thing so when i thought of this i decided to write this.

It was exciting to hear that the queen was to visit our School, every one was so excited we all longed to see her up close but we were nerves about it all.

Every thing in School was being replaced,scrubbed, washed painted, or polished until you could see your face in it.  Pictures on the hall wall were taken down and cleaned, all the School rooms were rearranged.

0utside a garden was laid for the first time we had never had a garden at School before and now we had roses up the door outside. But back inside chairs were being polished and tables we normally had our lunch on were now covered in spotlessly white tableclothes.

It was the year 1965 and the Queen then for most of Britain was a very important special person to us all.  Flags of red,white and blue were every where with the Queen’s face upon them.

Finally a red carpet was placed along the path from the gate to the School door. We were all wearing our best clothes and having been checked over by our headmaster we were ready to stand in one long line to have the honour of meeting the Queen.

We held a small flag of red white and blue in one hand, we had been taught to curtsy when the Queen approached us in a refined manner and take her hand. 0h what an exciting time, we were all so excited we could hardly contain ourself.

The Queen arrived after what seemed like forever, a Rolls Royce car drew up to the gate and the Queen was escorted along the red carpet with her lady in waiting and what looked like a guard.  We stood in a line for what seemed like hours while the Queen talked to the  School head at the School door.

Then she approached us she had the sweetest smile, she was pretty, and her make up was flawless she spoke to us with a friendly one to one tone it was amazing how much like everybody else she was.

She was wearing a yellow hat and dress  with yellow shoes and handbag and she looked stunning.  After she was gone it was like all hell let loose we grabbed each other and hugged each other with tears in our eyes, some jumped up and down like toddlers and were full of glee it was such a happy day for us all one we would never forget how ever long we lived.

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