Fun in the wind.

The wind is still howling and it is cold enough for snow but the sky is quite clear, the wind as subsided to what it was, it is not constant now it just comes in like fury now and again swinging the fence about and clanging the side gate.  A towel i had on the line had disapeared and i can see is hanging from the top of a near by tree think i can forget that

0ne of the tree’s in the wood close by is a bit like a boomerang when the wind blows it bends right over the fence and springs back and creaks like mad.  A poor dove trying to fly zig zagged through the air before landing in a heap feathers all over the lawn.

Taking my little dog for a walk i laughed how the wind blew us along followed by piles of leaves.  We past a field where they, the sheep that is, were mean’t to be in a joining field and when they saw my dog they leaped back into the joining field and stood staring at her as she walked by not the slightest idea what that was about. When they smelt dog,. it  mean’t they were supposed to be chased into place, but my dog didn’t care about the sheep so they were shocked and it

blogging 101 : alumni


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