An Odd Trio.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”

Wow! another tester.

I suppose an odd trio might be- me, my partner, and my dog,- i always call us: the three muskateers, we are so close.  Neaither of us have any close family so we are very supportive of one another.  We go most places together, we share everything we have, we discuss everything together, and are very important to one another.  I share all my worrys with him and we decide things together, our little dog is the child in a way we never had together, having both marriad before and both let down badly, we both have regrets that we did not meet many years ago.

One thing i would be very careful about if i could go back in time would be who i had my kids with, never take it for granted that with all your love and effort your kids will turn out like you if you marriad a bad one they can turn out like him.

blogging 101 :alumni



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