Secret admirers.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Secret Admirers.”

This is a hard one harder than any other so far.   Do i think any one secretly admires me. NO.

Do i have a secret admiration for any one? YES! the sort of people i  admire greatly are perhaps not the sort of people that many people admire like pop stars and film stars, or a particular one, or the guy in the office. Although i do have some favourite stars and they contribute a lot in there way to making life so much better for us all and work very hard to get where they are and stay where they are.

I greatly admired Saint mother Theresa and i admire greatly many of the soldiers that have come back from war fairly recently having lost limbs and suffering trauma having to learn to walk again and change there lives.  I admire greatly those who are hungry and thirsty, those who are lonly, those who suffer.  Right at this time i admire the courage of those people who seek a place to live and a normol life who desperately seek a place to call home and today there are many thousands of them.

I am a secret admirer of these many people because few people if anybody knows how i feel so it is a secret admiration.  I want to fit in with every one else and to announce to those i know that i so much admire people like this they would think i was strange.  But every one knows i am eccentric anyway. lol.

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