No Apologies.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Apologies.”

I was prepared to accept one or two things i might have done better and apologize for them but she wanted to make me out to be the bad one as though she had done no wrong, i could not accept that.

She had lied about me, humiliated me, and used me, as long as i had money to give her she put up with me.  At times she showed that she did not want to be with me, she wanted my car and to take control of everything i owned and she seemed to think it was her right.  It had always been the kind of relationship where we were a bit like two bulls in a field and i was the old bull and she the young one and the old one was no way giving way to the young one, this old bull was still strong and refushing to take a back seat and let this young bull take her place.

I have always had a powerful streak in my nature and the more she tried to take control the stronger i stood against her. It was all wrong she should be showing me respect as the elder that was how i was brought up, whatever your parants were you respected them just because of what they were the people that brought you up best they could.

She had the wrong attitude, even when we went shopping she would claim she had no money even if i had given her money before we went out, always she expected me to pay for even the smallest thing and i always knew she talked about me and the things i bought when out with her and treated me like a joke.  Even talking about me when i am there and not including me.

She pretty much told me at the last that if i did not give her my car and anything else i had she would stop me seeing my grandchildren and i would not see her again.  She had become a carbon copy of her father and i was rid of him and i wanted no more of him or the likes of him.

It was approaching my birthday when she dumped me for the last time she moved house without telling me where she was going, she refushed to answer any texts or calls i made and cut me blank.

My grandson had been in a serious car accident and even though he didnt know it his life was controlled now by his mother and father and when i tried to contact him i was cut off.  Both of my grandsons had been brought up to be greedy and selfish by there father.


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