Your days are numbered.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Your Days are Numbered.”

I was fit after the car accident I had escaped unscatched I was lucky, except I had lost a very good friend who had died instantly and I  lived with that awful day every single day of my life.  I could still hear the sounds that woke me at night and looking to my friend to find she was gone,dead, as I shuck her crying hysterically and shaking violently.  I spent most nights walking the floor coffee in hand after such painful nightmares.

I had sunken eyes with dark rings around through lack of sleep wishing I could go back on that day and change it all.  I could not eat and suffered terrible depression, I lost a lot of weight and knew I should see  a Doctor when I developed a terrible cough that ended up with  coughing blood.

A visit to the Doctor led to an xray that showed i had a rare lung disease that had been brought on by stress and lack of sleep and regular food.  I was given only three months to live but i did not really believe that afterall how does the Doctor know that for certain he is only human.

I began doing what i had not done in a long time i prayed and i made an effort to eat properly again.  I meditated at night before my computor i sat and listened to the waves of the 0ceon and directed my mind away from the bad things.  My friend would not have wanted me to be like i was.  I continued doing these things.  I began to look better, i was sleeping better, eating better. I saw the Doctor again and another xray was taken and amazingly i was free of the disease that was to take my life.



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