Truth Serum.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth Serum.”

I have this wonderful “Truth Serum.”  and i have decided to give it to some one who is quite close to me but for some reason i can not trust her.  I will tell her that it is a Serum that will make her young again then i know she will accept it because she is always worried about her looks and wants to look younger, thinner or fatter, always wanting to be different from the way she is, it annoys me when she is fairly good good looking and i feel she should be grateful for what she is and what she has.

We met up as usual and had tea and cakes in this quant olde worldy tea shop with crispy white table cloths on the table and china teacups and saucers.  I told her i had a surprise for her that i had come across this Serum that could make some one look years younger.  Right away her eyes  lit up and without even asking where it came from she wanted to see. I took the Serum from my handbag and handed it to her. “Well,! Have you tried it?  she asked.  “No”, I said.  “Its not really my thing,”  she held onto the bottle tightly. “0h let me try it then”.  she said with such a firm grip on the bottle and greedy look on her face she looked like she had won the lottery.  I smilled, “0k you win,” i said. but let me know soon how you get on.

A couple of days later we met again and went for coffee in the same coffee shop, she appeared different and wanted to know this time where i had the serum from, i told her i had a friend that worked in a cosmetic laboratory.  “Well it didn’t work on me,” she said in a very angry tone.  It was not very long before i was hearing about things that she had lied to me about time and again things i had guessed were lies, i was shocked by what she told me and how she had made a play for my husband but he had rejected her saying he loved his wife.  I found out about the underhanded  tricks she had played on me and discovered this friend was not a friend atall and i never wanted to see her again.



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