Cross country.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.”     Day 5

I am going cross country but i am walking with a pack on my back with water and anything else i might need.  I love walking across fields of green, fields, of corn,wheat, barley.  Up hill and down dale i go, i stop and sit beneith a tree and watch and listen, after a while a rabbit pops out from the hedgerow opposite me and appears unaware of my presents,. then out pop two little baby one’s i long to touch but they are wild creatures and so tiny and sweet, they dart about in all directions while mum munches the grass.

A black cloud collects in the sky and swallow’s swoop across my head, then a bad tempered squirrel shot out of nowhere and chattered at me as though telling me to move on i should not be there it was his place then he disapeared at speed.

I see what looks like a dog then realize it is a fox sculking past head down tail down not wanting to be seen by anybody, as he passes he looks back at me. The rabbits knew he was coming they had disapeared in a flash.  I get up and decide to continue my journey when sudden rain come’s and soaks me to the skin then stops and the sun shine’s.

As i walk i hear a rustle in the forest tree’s and catch sight of  a young deer looking at me followed by another one curiously looking at me, how cute.



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