Who am i and why am i here. (Anand)

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Vibrant our lovely Anand asked this today……………………..

Who am i and why am i here. ……..

I am a compulsive writer i guess that is why i am here.  For a number of years i wrote a blog on blog co.uk.  In the beggining it was pretty successful i was receiving up to thirty comments to my post a day and had nearly two hundred followers which wasn’t bad.  Then things changed and bit by bit the blog site went down hill many of the nice people left because of loads of spam they received and trouble caused by somebody there who was there for the wrong reasons it seems.

Then the blog site was taken over by some one else but it seemed to everybody that it was taking a long time to get sorted and people got bored, spam began coming in again, by this time most of the decent bloggers had left and there was me popping in now and again to visit my blog and keeping in touch with one or two decent bloggers that had stayed.

It had lost the joy that had existed there in the beggining where every one wanted to help each other and we shared each others troubles.  I had enough and in some ways i wasnt surprised when it was announced that it would be over in December so we could all pack our bags and move on.

One friend told me they already had a blog with wordpress and i said i would join and we are still in touch.  As for writing i have been writing since a kid in School where i impressed some teachers with my poems and short stories.  And won one or two prizes though i rarely enter competitions.

Why is my blog public………..

I suppose because i like to share my thoughts and feelings with others.

What topics……….

Anything i fancy writing about i like to keep my blog open to surprises.

What success would i like by the end of the year………..

I would be happy to know that others had enjoyed some at least of what i wrote about and if i have helped some one that would be wonderful.

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