Reading a post on Novalist Jackie Wilson’s website about Job made me think so many people who never read the bible would be surprised to hear themselves speak through Job’s words..  Job moan’s a lot about lots of things and thinks god is hard on him but never realizes what he has and is ungrateful.  Job’s arguement with god goes on and Job can not win.   Job Chapter 38 verses 1.41. and the arguement goes on from the beggining to the end.

God replied to Job’s many complaints  with………

Who laid the corner stone’s of the world.

Who closed the gates to hold back the sea.

Job have you ever in your life commanded a day to dawn.

Who waters the dry and thirsty land Job, god asks.

And so it goes on, god gives Job lessons on things only he can do

making him feel powerless .

Finally God blessed the last part of Job’s life more than the first part.

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