I wrote this just for fun hope you see the funny side of it.

Love is blind.

How i loved your spotty face

your beady eyes, your big buck teeth.

How i loved your one sided smile, your

frizzy hair and turned up nose.

How i loved your laughter that made

me want to run a mile.

How i loved your bad breath, your bad

taste in clothes.

How i loved your tatoos that glowed.

How blind a fool was I.



Heart. poem.

 The good lord looked into my heart to see

what i might be, no other way can one tell

its for him alone to see

He took my hand and led the way, like a lamb

i followed and heard him say

stay beside me all the way and i will share my

place with you one day

Your troubles will not leave you but will make you

strong, and i will be beside you

all the way, and rescue you from all that will try to

harm you or do you wrong

Your body will grow weaker but your spirit will grow

strong, stay the course and a world

of joy in heaven will be yours.


CLXXXV – Necroflower


Rising from the soil,
where my mother fell,
feasting on the corpses
of those condemned to Hell
around me, all is Death,
an island in the sea
of life, love, and lust,
but none is left for me

My life turned to ash,
but I rose from the Black
the prosperity around
emphasizes lack
silence, now, where once the laughter
rang throughout the night,
only death, pain, and loss,
where once, my light burned bright.

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Goodbye blog.Uk.

I looked back in my old blog today, tomorrow is the last day.  There were some happy memorys when i looked at the paintings myself and a girl called pauline did at that time, we had some fun and laughter between us. We painted Christmas pictures and easter pictures competing with one another to see who got the most comments.

It was once a great and happy place to be where we helped one another, discussing any problems we had, supporting and inspiring one another, it is so sad its all ended and we have all gone our seperate ways, some where out there are all of those lovely people.

0ften it felt like a big party and we were altogether in a big room.  I did not drag much from that blog because i believe its time to move on and i have.


Day 29. post a day.

I don’t wish to offend anybody by my suggestion to paint an award the idea was to help so if i have i am truly sorry.  I did ask Vibrant about it first and he said to mention it which i did last night on alumni. I tried to show my first effort on alumni this morning but which ever way i tried my picture came up in code only.  I have no trouble with the making of the award but the writing is difficult with the limitted resources i have.  I don’t mind if you don’t wish to use it because i enjoyed making it anyway.  If you feel you can make any slight changes to make it more useable you are welcome.


the featured author award

The forgotten at Christmas.


Any one who came into my old blog will have seen this picture i painted above before, so here it is again.

Soon we will be celebrating Christmas each of us in our own way.  For some it will be a quiet time for others a busy and exciting time, and for some a very lonly time.

Many old people will see nobody atall over Christmas which is so cruel.  Some people who have no home atall will sleep on the streets.  0thers with little money will struggle to supply the sort of gifts there children want.  Some will have so little money they can not offord a Christmas dinner.  0thers have lost some one dear to them and will feel it much more than usual so it is not a good time for everybody.

Little children in homes will be missing family more than usual if they see nobody over Christmas and spend much of Christmas feeling sad.

Pets will be forgotten over this period by some people or given away.  There is much sadness and pain at Christmas as well as joy.  lets think of these people and pets.  Pray for a little light to come into there lives over what may seem a long lonly period of time for them.


Day 28. post a day.Two days left.

Two more days to go and November is done for 2015 and we approach Christmas.  How fast time goes i never really believed it but some one said when you get to 21 the years fly by and believe me by the time you reach my age brrrrrrrrrrr the time wings by amazingly fast.  Its then you realize how precious life is, how short life is, and you want to grab every minute because in this new age there is so much to do and so many opportunitys and when some say they can not get a job i would say, get real good at computors, be a good writer, a good artist and reach out with a good heart to every one with your talant whatever it is, and if you are young you will find work, i know that is what i would do.  Tecnology is where the work is now there are more opportunitys to sell your talants than there as ever been, but sell them you must, working hard, and useing your personality to reach the people like any other successful artist, then work will come your way .


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