We had to take the clock back one hour last night which i forgot to do, infact i forgot about it altogether, it doesnt make much sense really to me  this change over mattered once but not sure it counts much now, but must all conform of course.  If like me you had lots of animals to care for this change over creates a lot of problems with animal feed times, and if you have  small baby of course.

I often wake up quite early and so i have a cup of coffee in bed and if i want to i get up after, or i might fall back to sleep for a short time, and this morning i got up before 9.0clock which meant i had been awake since before 7.0clock  and up at before 8.0clock and taken my dog out by 9.30 with the whole day ahead, my dog came in from her walk wagging her tail thinking it would not be long before her dinner but it was a long way off mid day.

Most nights we are disturbed by a neighbour who chooses to loose his dog in the middle of the night and we never see his dog in the day time or hear it, people are funny.  We have a single guy close by who stays out most nights until the early hours come’s in and bangs his front door but we never see him with a woman or a guy and he claims to be retired not that i care i just wish he would not bang that bloody door.

blogging 101 :alumni  neighbours


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