Shame on them.

I was the only one of eight children to never know my family, dumped in a hospital to be adopted at three weeks of age, i suppose i was lucky it was a hospital and not somebody’s doorstep.

Both the same parants name was on my birth certificate as the other children not that i imagin they must have had much of a life with her for a mother because she liked fine things and does not give the impression from the hansom photo i have of her as being a loving mother,  but then she also came from a broken family and it was not poverty that drove my grandparants to part they were far from poor before the war, my mother and her sisters and brothers also landed up in foster homes when they were older.  Wether they found each other i don’t know but they were seperated when young.  Much of it was due to two crazy world wars putting pressure on family life, doing the only real thing war does destroy peoples lives.

My foster mother was not nice to my real mother or to me i was to replace a child she had lost and she told my mother to stay away from me she had told me that herself, and of course the law was on her side and probably at the time my mother had little choice but to let me go due to her and my fathers home having been blown to pieces by bombs and there being no place to go.  But after that any effort i made to make contact with my family i was told i did not exist and they would over ride any thing that said i did i was some thing they wanted to forget about, shame on them.

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