The sunshine blogger award.


This is a beautiful award and i thank Vibrant for kindly blessing me with this.

  1. My present state is quite happy and content. My favourite quote is: think beautiful things
  2. My best memory and perfect day is the time i lived on the farm my family altogether and surrounded by animals and beautiful  scenery.
  3.  And if i chose the age i would like to be it would be mid twentys and not make the same mistakes.
  4. Laughter makes me feel good.
  5. I like about myself that i have faith the holy spirit guides me.
  6. My best quality is being able to forgive others.
  7. Blogging helps me to be myself.
  8. My greatest ability is to be able to love.

I nominate…..

Elan mudrow

Briibruce productions

Success inspired

Ramona crisstea


Life as a-pot purri


Wildsoundwriting and film reviews

Anand’s parodies

The ninth life

Your questions are….

  1. How often do you write a post on your blog?
  2. How often do you reply to other peoples comments ?
  3. Do you paint and draw?
  4. What part of the world are you from?
  5. What matters most to you?
  6. Are you an animal lover?
  7. What is your occupation?

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