All that glitters

One saying i feel is so true is, “All that glitters is not gold,” and for any one who wonders what it means, it means that because some thing looks good and appears good in some way does not mean that it is.  We can be easily fooled by things, it became a trend to have clothes with top named supplier labels on like Nike, and Adidas and many more, kids had to have these items.  Question is what did it really mean, it was very soon that market places were sewing in labels with these names on and selling them to those who could not offord the genuine top labels and it was hard to tell any difference, it helped the single parants that had to send there kids to School to compete with the top labeled kids but it was illegal to sell this stuff.  It was a crazy fashion that continues to some extent  today.  A false recomendation where the kids with the best clothes were looked up to and the rest left out.  This is only one example of things not always being  as good as they seem neaither the people or the goods.  Few things are as they seem.

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