Never trusted reviews.

Amazon announce they have discovered thousands of false reviews.  For any one who does not know it is possible to write a review on a book giving it up to five stars and telling how good or bad the book is.  The better recomendation a book gets the more people will read it, because many people will only select top rated books to read, giving some very good books no chance.

There as always been a flaw in the reviews, once i was asked to be a reader where i got free books in return for writing a review on the book i read, there was a good chance if i was too honist about some of the books i would receive no more free books i felt it was my duty to write good reviews.  Some of the books were not that good and i struggled to be honist about what i thought so i dropped out of it.

There  are free books any way so i felt i was putting myself through this for nothing because i did not enjoy a lot of those books or maybe only in part.

There as always been the option that if some one works in an office where they have lots of computors reviews can be made in the favour of one’s own books in different names i guess and if you have lots of friends and relatives they too could write reviews in your favour even if they have never even seen your book.

There was always loop holes for those who want to win at any cost and get there book top of the list.  This is why i don’t often select top rated books and give others a chance because i have never trusted reviews.  Also of course there is electronics that can send out a free good review by the hour, like some phone calls we receive that are coming from computors and timed to send out messages to phones. blogging 101:alumni             never trusted reviews.


5 thoughts on “Never trusted reviews.

    1. Apparantly most reviews are false some people are paid to write them and i am glad that amazon have found out at last, it gives no fair average person a chance there books will be over looked all the time as long as that is allowed to keep happening.

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