Setting up camps.

The Sun newspaper today Saturday 17, 0ctober, 2015.

I suppose it was bound to happen that when all those lost souls were taken in  by another country it was inevitable that it would cause some problems.

The German people are accusing Angela merkel of playing mother Theresa in taking in  the refugees  from Syria so that the country is overloaded and more arriving every day.  They say that the places set up for them are like concentration camps and that the people are delivered to the camps by train, one German said “We watched train loads arrive they were finger printed and given a number, smiling guards pack grateful people onto buses and send them all over Germany,”  some one else said camps exceeded there load weeks ago and thousands are still coming in.

The people have to proove there lives are in danger before they are accepted to the camps.  Merkel is under fire, most Germans have turned against her.   Should we care, yes we should care, the truth is that this is a world problem that will effect us all.  We will never know if Angela merkel opened the borders to simply help the people or if  as some seem to suggest she see’s ways of dealing with it and we are going back in time, but it is understandable that the German people are concerned infact that the world is concerned.

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5 thoughts on “Setting up camps.

  1. Playing mother teresa if she is, thats a commendable gesture. Germany has shown the world an unexpected facet of it, when rest of world including neighbour Turkey and EU nations like Bulgaria are sceptic and rather repulsive. In name of humanity, its a big trade-off and I am sure Germany has nothing to gain except blessings and wishes from all corners. Now, giants like US and Russia should step-in, to solve the crisis, and refugees can return back home.


    1. I do hope that it can be resolved as you say. The term mother Teresa was not exactly meant as a compliment to her some people think she as alteria motives for what she as done lets hope not. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Hmm Germany and other countries shouldn’t have intervened in Syria to begin with; these countries are part of problem not the solution
    Yes Europe is complaining about refugees, i’m from Lebanon a very small and poor country that contains 4 million Lebanese we are currently having more than 1 million Syrian refugees and counting. mind you we don’t have Europe resources or vast land to accommodate such huge number
    It’s hard breaking really what’s happening to the Syrian people, hope this madness will stop soon


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