New world.

I have seen some huge changes take place over the years it is as though the world as turned around completely.  I feel as though i have been taken from one world into another when i look back at how life once was. Dark and dingy house walls of brown and dark green,kitchen brick inner house walls painted with gloss paint, dark curtains at windows,  women wearing dark coloured dresses well below the knee and quite high at the neck with long sleeves. Rude words and swear words never leaving a decent girls lips, respectable women never being seen smoking in the street, eating in the street, shouting in the street.  A world of rules as to how to behave in public, how to dress.  A working week was at least forty two hours with very stricked working times and breaks, four pounds per week being a fair weeks wage, not being able to offord anything without saving for weeks some times longer, children seen and not heard.  But in those days there was little to spend money on unlike today, i thank god for living to see this new world and all it as to offer it is heaven to the world it once was.

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