0ne lovely blog award.


0nce again i say thank you to Vibrant for this wonderful award.

Here are seven things about me.

  1. I have been baptized three times, once as a baby, then as an adult full emersion in Church, followed by being baptized in the River Jordon in Israel in the year 1980.
  2. I have had five genuine surnames in my lifetime.  0ne i was born with, another i was given on adoption, and three marriages.
  3. I was ordained by Reverend Dr David M. Ford  St Lukes Evangelical Church Georgia  the year 2000.  0k it was over the internet but it was a very serious matter to me and those involved,  prayers were said and it was carried out in the sight of god and i will never regret it.
  4. I believed i was born a Catholic because i believed that water was a purifier, and i believe in confession.
  5. I have always known i was different or eccentric some might call it.
  6. When i went to School education started with learning to read and write on pen and paper, and ended at fifteen years of age, there was no GCSE and A and 0 levels.
  7. I can remember milk being delivered by horse and cart and a man lighting up the street lamp light with a long pole.

I nominate…….

Stuart M. Perkins

Ra for begginers.

Keith Garret.


maddy at home.

Manofmany thoughts.


Grace Anne.




blogging 101:alumni


9 thoughts on “0ne lovely blog award.

  1. Congrats ❤ and thank you for nominating me dear, much appreciated it.
    I believe the milk you're talking about is more delicious and healthier than nowadays milk.


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